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Monday, November 3, 2014

This Is Death Valley - Atheos EP (2014)

Album: Atheos EP
Released: Oct. 31, 2014
Genre: Brutal Deathcore
Location: Oshawa, CA

1. Extinction
2. Hate for Your Kind
3. Belial (Feat. Michael Hewat of Drag The Lake)
4. Atheos
5. Surtur
6. I Am Dead

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Personal purchase by me, i recommend
this band highly they are just atrocious
and all over the place and if you like it 
please go support the band, they should
have physical copies of the EP soon.

Friday, October 31, 2014

FEATURED: Abhorrence - Sick Minded Youth EP (2014)

Album: Sick Minded Youth EP
Released: Oct 28, 2014
Genre: Deathcore, Metalcore
Location: Scranton/Harrisburg, PA

1. Young Bloods
2. Shatter
3. Step Dead
4. Thief

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Debut EP from Abhorrence
*Chugcore Exclusive*

Widow - Slime [Single] (2014)

Album: Single 2014
Released: Oct. 29, 2014
Genre: Nu-Metal, Hardcore
Location: Texas

1. Slime

You just cant get Widow out
of your head after listening to
their tracks 1 or 2 times, this 
single is the same way. Catchy
as hell FFO: Sworn In, Barrier,
Eavesdropper, Animal, Gift Giver

Wicked World - Demo (2014)

Album: Demo
Released: Oct. 29, 2014
Genre: Deathcore, Hardcore
Location: Whitewater/Milwaukee, WI 

1. Intro
2. Vowbreaker (Feat. Trent Brusky of Accuser)
3. Will to Die

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New World Order - Crown [Single] (2014)

Album: Single 2014
Released: Oct. 31, 2014
Genre: Nu Metal, Deathcore
Location: Bay Area, CA

1. Crown


Pathos Departure - Homeless Face Buffet [Single] (2014)

Album: Single 2014
Released: Oct. 27, 2014
Genre: Deathcore
Location: Conneaut, OH

1. Homeless Face Buffet


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Animal - Instinct EP (2014)

Album: Instinct EP
Released: Oct. 28, 2014
Genre: Hardcore, Deathcore
Location: Upstate NY

1. Dial
2. Blank
3. Sick
4. Dark Room
5. Worthless
6. Guilty

Support (Physical CD)

Animal's Instinct EP which some
of you may have heard back in Sept.
has finally been released, and we ask
that if you liked the EP and have been
jamming it, go purchase the CD and
support Animal. They are a brand new
band and some of you may not know 
them but i highly recommend listening
to this EP, its one of my top 10 of the
year for sure.
FFO: Sworn In, Barrier, Left Behind
Widow, Years Since The Storm

Recurrence - Lost [Single] (2014)

Album: Single 2014
Released:Oct. 28, 2014
Genre: Deathcore, Down-Tempo, Beatdown
Location: Moscow, RU

1. Lost (Feat. Jesse Weaver of Regions)

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Turnstile - Non Stop Feeling [Single] (2014)

 Album: Non Stop Feeling
Released: Jan.13, 2015
Genre: Hardcore, Groove
Location: Baltimore - DC - Ohio

1. Non Stop Feeling

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The groove is unreal!
Stoked for the new Full Length!

Decimated Humans - To Provoke Genocide (2014)

Album: To Provoke Genocide
Released: Sept 8, 2014
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Location: Nevada, Australia, Maine

1. Trepidation for Suffering
2. Mortuary Fetishism
3. Battered Whore Butchery
4. Cerebellum Drilling (ft. Tomm Swasthik from Acranius)
5. Shredded Bodies Thrown Into the Ravine
6. 800 Foot Suicide
7. Wardrobe Excavation
8. Immolated from the Inside (ft. Zack Shaw from Phalloplasty)

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Sudden Rage - Blind Trust (2014)

Album: Blind Trust
Released: July 24, 2014
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Location: Russia, City of Moscow

1. Intro
2. Don't Listen To Their Voice
3. Blind Trust
4. My Values
5. New Day
6. Scream From The Grave
7. Shity Poem
8. Kill Your Dreams
9. Outro

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Villains - Rital(in) [Single] (2014)

Album: Freudian Slip 
Released: Oct. 29, 2014
Genre: Down-Tempo, Hardcore
Location: Oswego, IL

1. Rital(in)


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Navigator - Natural Selection [Partial Collection] (2012-2014)

Album: Natural Selection
Released: N/A
Genre: Hardcore, Groove
Location: Tacoma, WA

1. Gather (Oct. 17, 2012)
2. Shallow Water ft. Jeremy Bushnell of Cowardice (Jan. 12, 2013)
3. Ninth Circle (Jun. 14, 2013)

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Album: Natural Selection
Released: N/A

1. Compliance (Nov. 08, 2013)
2. Filth Feeder (Feb. 09, 2014)


Natural Selection was still never
released by the band before breaking
up. This is a collection of all tracks
released that were supposed to be 
on the EP.

Navigator - Ironclad EP (2012)

Album: Ironclad EP
Released: May 21, 2012
Genre: Hardcore, Deathcore
Location: Tacoma, WA

1. Continents
2. Fathoms
3. Counterpart
4. Juggernaut
5. Sentinel
6. Ironclad

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Juggernaut - Brainwashed [Single] (2014)

Album: Single 2014
Released: Sep. 6, 2014
Genre: Deathcore, Hardcore
Location: Cincinnati, OH

1. Brainwashed

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Heavyarms - Burning Crowds (2014)

Album: Burning Crowds
Released: Apr. 29th, 2014
Genre: Heavy Hardcore, Metalcore, Thrash
Location: Belleville, IL

1. Devils
2. Bloodletting
3. The Beginning Of The End
4. Non-Existence
5. Transcend
6. Boundless
7. Mass Grave
8. Parallel Lives
9. Night Terrors
10. Burning Crowds

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I know this album is from April, but i 
literally couldn't not upload it. It's one of 
my favorite releases of this year and it hits
 insanely hard. It's a joyride of hell from start 
to finish and the lyrical content is splendid.
FFO: Sworn In, Architects (UK), Barrier

Proletariat - Liberty & Tyranny EP (2014)

Album: Liberty & Tyranny
Released: Oct. 24, 2014
Genre: Progressive Deathcore, Metalcore
Location: NJ

1. Lies Upon The Crown
2. Liberty & Tyranny
3. Insomnia
4. Cycles
5. Wither With Me
6. Searching For Something More

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Ne Obliviscaris - Citadel (2014)

Album: Citadel
Released: 2014
Genre: Progressive Metal
Location: Melbourne, Australia

01. Painters of the Tempest (Part I): Wyrmholes
02. Painters of the Tempest (Part II): Triptych Lux
03. Painters of the Tempest (Part III): Reveries from the Stained Glass Womb
04. Pyrrhic
05. Devour Me, Colossus (Part I): Blackholes
06. Devour Me, Colossus (Part II): Contortions


Not something we'd usually post, but 
perhaps a few people will enjoy this
 album. I know I do!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

FEATURED: Dremenuart - Weightbearer EP (2014)

Album: Weightbearer EP
Released: Oct 21, 2014
Genre: Deathcore, Hardcore
Location: Spain

1. Tanning in the Sunset
2. Rookie of the Year in the NMA
3. One Stab, Two Dead
4. Friendly Fire
5. The Four Hoarsemen
6. Undefeated (Bonus Track)
7. Leagues (Bonus Track)

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FEATURED: Invoker - Death Is Inevitable (2014)

Album: Death Is Inevitable
Released: Oct. 21, 2014
Genre: Deathcore
Location: Shelby, NC

1. Accuser
2. The Manhattan Project
3. Ahhh! Real Monsters
4. DTF
5. Slobber Knocker
6. Invocation
7. How I Met Your Mother
8. Temple Of Boom
9. Outlander
10. Harbinger
11. Death Is Inevitable

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